Money Farming In CSR 2 Racing

Useful Techniques Used For Money Farming In CSR 2 Racing Game

CSR Racing 2 is the sequel to the popular video game CSR Racing, which is designed for playing on Android and iOS phones. This instantly hit game was launched on June 2016 and it is available on Apple App Stores. It is a multiplayer racing game where the players can earn lots of money by winning in each level of this game. Money can be earned in CSR 2 Racing game in the form of cash and gold. There are many unique features added for the excitement and benefits of the players in this game of CSR2.

Interesting features of CSR 2 racing game for fetching money

Grab offers of free gold

The Purchase Store in the menu of CSR 2 game app should be visited by the player. There is a button labeled as ‘Free Gold’ at the center of the Gold menu, which needs to be tapped for directing to a wall termed as Tap Joy. Most of the offers mentioned here are totally free and the player should complete these offers to get large amounts of gold. However, a few gold offers may need some online payment to avail the gold there.

Win the racing championship

When a player wins a racing championship in CSR 2 game, he is given lots of gold as a reward. But it is essential that the player joins a racing crew and wins together with the other crew members of his team. So he should visit the crew hangout and the crew championship part of this game. More gold is given to the champion who finishes in a higher rank. The player may also earn some cash at some ranks of the racing championship.

Earn gold by gaining a level

As a player wins a race in CSR 2 Racing game, he is awarded some points. There is a point bar at the top of the screen, which needs to be filled up for reaching the next level. As the player is elevated to the next level, he gets a reward in form of a meager amount of gold, which adds up on completing several levels.

Sell unnecessary car parts

The player racing in CSR 2 app wins many spare car parts in the service trial area of the game. Many of these parts may not be of any use if these parts belong to other cars that the player is not using. So all these parts stored in the inventory can be sold in Fusion Parts, to get some gold or free cash.

Use a CSR2 Cheat

If you really want to get to the point and get unlimited free gold, you can use the CSR2 Cheat Debug