How to Get Keys in CSR 2

How to Get More Keys in CSR 2 Racingcsr2keys

CSR 2 Racing is an exciting game where the players can achieve plenty of prizes, in the form of cash, gold, and keys of rare cars. You can win gold, silver and

bronze keys that are hidden inside gold, silver and bronze crates respectively. These keys are also a type of currency that is given as a reward of winning the races in CSR 2. The keys are very rare to find for the players, which can help them in upgrading their cars used in this racing game. A definite number of gold keys are needed to unlock the access to the Tier 5 cars.

Ways of getting moreĀ  keys from CSR2

Winning Daily Battles

The player should participate in the daily battles, which actually occur at an interval of every four hours. As he wins these races, he is randomly awarded silver or bronze keys, along with gold coins.

Win crew championships

The player should join the crews of a good team, which will win the global championships regularly. Only the crews of the top two winners of championship races are awarded gold keys; while the next 50 winner crews are given silver keys and the winners of any other rank obtained in these crew championships are given bronze keys.

Check Custom Trial races

Custom Trial is a certain type of racing in CSR 2 game, where the players can participate very frequently. There is a specific duration of each race in this Trial and the players can win multiple times in every game. He will get more keys on winning many times in this Custom Trial race.

Awards for winning Prize cup

The winners of the races held for Prize cup are awarded multiple keys. When the win bar is filled up by winning a certain number of races, the players are given a definite number of keys. As a player achieves 5 wins, he gets 15 silver keys as the reward. Likewise, he will earn 25 silver keys on gaining 15 wins and earns 35 keys for 25 wins respectively.

Use a cheat

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Similarly, the players can achieve more keys by winning the races of crew cup, where a certain number of silver keys are given on filling up different points of the winning bar. They may also buy the gold, silver and bronze keys from the purchase store of CSR 2 game app. However, the gold keys are more expensive than the other varieties, as it is rarer than the other two types.